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Last Minute Flight And Car

last minute flight and car

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118/365. 01-05-10

118/365. 01-05-10

sitting in the front seat of a rental car at tulalip outside of a bank of america, wearing cowboy boots. how american! we went on a day trip to seattle to pick ryan up from the airport, and ate so much squid & ink.

it occurs to me how cosmopolitan i am in contrast to so many people. i think nothing of taking a day trip to the states, or of catching a last-minute flight to anywhere. for some people, such things are huge, life-changing events, but for me - i'll do it anytime i have the opportunity.

January 6

January 6

I feel as if I'm cheating a bit, using my iPhone to take photos. But after a whirlwind change of plans, I took a last minute flight to Boston, rented a car, and didn't get to Gloucester until 12:30 a.m. I went straight to bed, but not before snapping a photo of the bedpost. These are beads and ribbons from a Portuguese church festival.

last minute flight and car

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